Transmission Oil Cooler & Fitting Kit - 30 Row  ( Heavy Duty )

Transmission Oil Cooler & Fitting Kit - 30 Row ( Heavy Duty )

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Universal - HEAVY DUTY

Part Number: SR TRANS H/D
  • New in Box
  • Full Aluminium
  • 3 Year Warranty
  •  Designed and Made in Australia
  • 30% more efficient than traditional coolers
  • SR Radiators - Quality Guarantee Product
30 Rows - with Plate and fin Construction
Overall Max: 285mm Height x 280mm Wide x 20mm Thickness

Hose Diameter and oil cooler connections are
3/8 or in modern terms10mm

Transmission Oil Cooler features and benefits

Available in kit form
High corrosion resistance
High heat transfer design
Low pressure drop due design configuration
Revolutionary fin pitch and louver angle
State of the art controlled atmosphere brazing process
Flexibility of custom designs exactly to your needs
Hi tech "Auto CAD" design division
Race proven performance
Full time R&D department
Guaranteed up to 80psi

These Transmission Coolers are Manufactured for Race, Street and 4x4 Applications."

Other names: V8 Trans cooler, 8 Cylinder oil cooler, auto cooler, auto gearbox cooler, auto Transmission cooler, Trans oil cooler, 4X4, 4WD,